The infamous guide written by TheNastyStallion teaching those people to accomodate HUGE objects anally within minutes. I've read multiple reviews to where people whom previously could not take a single finger were able to take some rather large objects, rather it be a penis, dildo, food, toys, butt plugs, fist, or whatever... Some people may not be prone to accepting this idea, but generally it's a VERY informative reading nonetheless. Even if you feel it's not to your taste, I'd still persaonlly advise you to read it JUST for informative purposes at the minimum. You can learn a lot, as well as maybe convince your sex partner to OPEN UP TO NEW IDEAS! LOL. (Now THAT... was funny).
- by Vincent

Now downloadable! so you can bring it with you anywhere to practice. Just right click the link below and click "Save Target As" or just click the link below to open the PDF file, then save it manually.

TheNastyStallion's Guide to Maximum Anal Stretching -- PDF version